Clean your garage

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Has your garage becomes a glorified storage space, littered with boxes, tools and toys? The only way to recover it for its intended use is to take out time to clean and organize your garage.

Organizing your garage isn’t a difficult task, it just requires a plan, some time, and the desire to get the work done. Here are six simple steps to help you take charge of your garage again.

Step 1 – Remove and sort the clutter

Pick a nice day and take everything out of the garage. You can put it in the driveway or yard for now. As you remove the clutter, categorize all of the items you remove in the garage by grouping them with like items. This doesn’t have to be elaborate. At first you can just make piles of similar products. Keep children’s toys together and different from gardening supplies or carpentry or seasonal decorations, etc.. Identify items that are broken, outdated or no longer used and place that in a discard pile to either sell, give away or trash.

Step 2 – Clean

Your garage will be more efficient and pleasurable if it is clean. Also, take time to dust and vacuum the items that you took out but will be moving back in. You don’t want to place dirty items back in to a clean garage. If you notice any unwanted guests callĀ Coconut Creek Wildlife Removal to help.

Step 3 – Decide where to put things

Now that you have a clean garage, create a plan for where to put things back in an orderly way. You are not putting it back just yet – just deciding where it goes. Your goal is to keep similar things in the same general area. You might want to jot a simple plan on a piece of paper if this helps you visualize it better. Work out the storage aids you need to assist you organize your clutter. By way of example, you might need to buy some storage containers, shelving, tool chests, peg boards, suspended ceiling systems, hanging bike racks, storage cabinets, etc.. Evaluate your needs and make a list. If cash is tight, you may need to postpone more expensive solutions until later. Add a permanent marker and masking tape for labeling if you don’t have one on hand. Make a trip to a home improvement center and get the things you need.

Measure 4 – Spruce things up

I am not suggesting that you remodel your garage to a living room, but making your garage a more pleasant place to be will motivate you to keep it clean and clutter free in the future. While your garage is empty, consider a new coat of paint for the walls to make things cleaner and brighter. Simple changes in wall color or floor covering may have a major influence on the feeling of the garage. If this is something you would like to do, now is the time. Some people even decide to place outdoor carpeting on their garage floor. This is more expensive but can totally alter the air of the garage. If you plan on doing hobbies and crafts in the garage, this is something you might want to think about.

Measure 5 – Organize

Once you’ve cleaned your garage (floors and walls) and purchased any storage systems you need, it is time to put everything back. Along with keeping similar items together in the same area, it’s best to place regularly used items within easy reach. Store less frequently used things in those harder-to-get-to places. If you add shelves, place the less frequently accessed items on the top shelf. For those who have a garage cabinet system, put frequently used items in the front and at arm level. Stacking plastic bins can be an efficient and clean way to store miscellaneous items. Be sure to label the outside of such bins, in addition to any other containers, drawers and cabinets. This will save you the trouble of starting each bin to get what you need. If you get a pegboard for your own tools, pick those tools which you use most frequently to hang on it. Once you discover the perfect way to hang these tools on your peg board, use a marker and outline the tools so that you can see exactly how they should be re-hung.

Step 6 – Garage Organization Maintenance

Once you’ve a clean, organized garage, you’ll want to devise a system to keep it organized and clutter-free. One easy way to do this is to create some garage rules. For instance, put a sign up by your workbench or tool pegboard that says”Return tools to the place you found them the moment you are finished!” This small reminder will keep you from carelessly tossing the hammer or screwdriver onto the bench. Clutter happens slowly over time. Establishing and carefully following your new rules will help maintain a clean, organized garage.

Following these simple steps will help you attain a clean and well organized garage in no time whatsoever. As soon as you have an organized garage you will have the ability to park your car in it again, store items efficiently and find them with ease. Knowing exactly what you have stored in your garage and where to find it when you want it’s a fantastic felling to have.